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About Phil Ehr

About Phil

Phil Ehr has spent his life on the front lines fighting for American values and protecting our nation from extremism, and now he’s running to replace Carlos Giménez in the United States House to defend our freedoms and advance the interests of all Floridians.

Phil will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare, reduce inflation and lower the cost of living, put Florida families above corporate profit, defend women’s reproductive rights, work to end the gun violence epidemic, build world-class schools, and strengthen national security at home and abroad, which includes dealing with violent extremists that Carlos Giménez coddles.

“Politicians like Carlos Giménez, Ron DeSantis, Matt Gaetz, and Marco Rubio have stood by Donald Trump’s war on the truth — they’re the Axis of Lies, spreading disinformation at all costs, and Carlos Giménezis among the worst of them. I’m running for the U.S. House to beat Carlos Giménez, and I need your help.” — Phil Ehr

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